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What We Do

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Antimicrobial Sanitizers and Disinfectants

Hospitals, ambulances, labs and emergency treatment settings, are under constant threat of germs, bacteria, fungi, and other harmful substances that pose a very real danger to employees and patients. Bio Shield Tech provides a full line of Antimicrobial Sanitizers and Disinfectants, used to help control and ensure clean, sanitary environments.

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HVAC Antimicrobial Coatings

Bio Shied Tech offers a variety industry proven, affordable and easy to use, “shop-applied” antimicrobial HVAC Coatings. Our “Silver Bullet AM®” coatings products are high performance water based epoxy coating that provides all of the durability and antimicrobial protection needed for years of protection. Learn more


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Handheld ATP Testing Equipment

We’re proud to be able to offer ATP testing equipment from Hygiena, the number one ATP food & medical safety monitoring system manufacturer in the world, including the industry leading SystemSure Plus and EnSURE ATP hygiene meters utilizing the UltraSnap, AquaSnap and SuperSnap ATP test swabs. Learn more about ATP Meters Testing Equipments


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Widely recognized as an industry leader in providing the best in long-lasting antimicrobial control agents and treatments, Bio Shield Tech offers a complete line of the finest products available anywhere. We have the industry insight and expertise to help you understand current antimicrobial technologies and to choose the right antimicrobial protection chemical cleaners and solutions required to meet the varied needs of any environment.

Our safe, patented and EPA-registered professional antimicrobial cleaning products for mold and bacteria are cost effective and capable of being used safely in all environments, including schools, medical facilities, office buildings, prisons, airports, residences and more. We are the number one provider for home and healthcare infection control products and solutions nationwide with the understanding and experience in dealing with the most up-to-date antimicrobial technologies available.

Call the Antimicrobial Product and Solution Experts at: 888-489-9226




hvac antimicrobial coating products

HVAC Antimicrobial Protective Coatings

Antimicrobial Protective Topcoat

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