Attention Health Care Providers, Medical Equipment Manufacturers, and Ductwork Fabricators

After years of experience in the healthcare industry, Jeff Drucker, founder and CEO of Bio Shield Tech, recognized a need for SAFE, EFFECTIVE, RELIABLE personal protection products to help reduce levels of destructive bacteria in critical care environments.

Our mission is simple: to promote clean, hygienic environments for consumers, patients, medical personnel and building occupants.

Attention Health Care Providers


After serving in the healthcare and manufacturing sectors for more than 15 years, we’re well-versed in ever-changing industry protocols and developments.


We’re proud to offer a wide assortment of the finest antimicrobial coatings and personal protection products on the market.


We work with only the industry’s leading manufacturers DuPont, Agion, Discovery Medical, Woodward Labs, and more, to bring you the latest cutting-edge advancements to combat harmful bacteria.


At Bio Shield Tech, we can help you ensure the cleanliness of your product by incorporating or applying our patented antimicrobial technology.


When You See The Following On A Specification Documents Remember Bio Shield Tech…

1. Apply to the surface of sheet metal that will form the interior surface of the duct. An untreated clear coating shall be applied to the exterior surface.

2. Antimicrobial compound shall be tested for efficacy by an NRTL and registered by the EPA for use in HVAC systems.

3. Coating containing the antimicrobial compound shall have a hardness of 2H, minimum, when tested according to ASTM D 3363.

4. Surface-Burning Characteristics: Maximum flame-spread index of 25 and maximum smoke-developed index of 50 when tested according to the UL 723; certified by an NRTL.

5. Shop-Applied Coating Color: Black. 

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Attention Health Care Providers, Medical Equipment Manufacturers, and Ductwork Fabricators