Bio Shield Tech is proud to be a master distributor of Lanxess Rely+On products. Bio Shield met with Lanxess international sales team over a year ago to help usher in the newest version of Rely+On, a product Bio Shield has supported for many years with DuPont. Since then they have been working diligently to get the prior Dupont name now Lanxess recognized for prior human health applications, as well Food processing and SQF standards ready. 

There is nothing like it on the market and only a few select distributors, like Bio Shield Tech, have it available!


Lanxess Rely+On Disinfectant Solution 

It’s inevitable that public facilities like schools, athletic centers and hospitals will be exposed to an innumerable number of germs – especially during flu season. In order to mitigate microbial mishaps and safeguard the safety of your building’s inhabitants, it’s important to thoroughly sanitize all exposed surfaces with Rely+On multipurpose disinfectant cleaner. 

Lanxess cleaning products are EPA registered and guaranteed to eliminate the bulk of bacteria buildup. 

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Rely+On Recent Testimonial 

How was your experience with Lanxess Rely+On and Bio Shield Tech?

“Jeff has been wonderful. I think he even called me once on a day while he was off! I came across Bio Shield Tech searching for Rely+On on-line. We previously had ordered from 3 other companies – a scuba company, a crime scene clean up company and an ambulance company. We use Rely+On to sanitize in classrooms. I seriously believe this product has kept our center healthy. We are a child care center located on a college campus. When I talk with other directors we seem to not be having the amount of absent children they are having from illness. Of course it is more expensive then the diluted bleach water but it is totally worth the price. My teacher absents has also dropped way down as well. I totally would recommend Bio Shield Tech and the product Rely+On to others.”

Anita Brandenburg

Cobber Kids

Concordia College