According to a recent article from School Construction News, the 2017 “State of Facilities in Higher Education” report released in late January showed that several North American colleges and universities are moving forward with the high-risk strategy of building new campus facilities in an effort to keep up with student enrollment.

Campus Facilities

The report stated that there was more than 10 percent growth in campus space from 2007 to 2016, outpacing enrollment growth of just 8 percent during the same time frame.

At Bio Shield Tech we are honored to work with college campuses in providing antimicrobial coating options that meet the required specifications for their facility needs. 

Currently, we are providing two ductwork fabricators who are working on the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Center at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO STEM) with antimicrobial coatings. In the past we have worked with several educational facilities including the University of Massachusetts (UMASS) , Penn State University –Bio Science Lab, Norwalk Community College West Phase II, NY School of Interior Design , and many more who chose Black Silver Bullet AM for their antimicrobial protected ductwork.

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When You See This On Your Specification Documents…THINK OF Bio Shield Tech!

1. Apply to the surface of sheet metal that will form the interior surface of the duct. An untreated clear coating shall be applied to the exterior surface.

2. Antimicrobial compound shall be tested for efficacy by an NRTL and registered by the EPA for use in HVAC systems.

3. Coating containing the antimicrobial compound shall have a hardness of 2H, minimum, when tested according to ASTM D 3363.

4. Surface-Burning Characteristics: Maximum flame-spread index of 25 and maximum smoke-developed index of 50 when tested according to the UL 723; certified by an NRTL.

5. Shop-Applied Coating Color: Black