Swab Ordering

Swab Ordering

With everything you have going on, you know saving time AND money is always ideal when you work with a trusted source like Bio Shield Tech!

If you are ordering ATP swabs on a regular basis, this is a great offer for you!

You know how you have to constantly be on the look out to know when to order next! Why not save time and worry by ordering through Bio Shield Tech with our new “Auto Ship” program?

In most cases we can save you up to 30% when buying this way.

Let our knowledgeable team get you a quote so you can:

1. Worry Less

2. Save Time

3. Save Money Contact Bio Shield Tech!

Why Choose Bio Shield Tech?

When you order from Bio Shield Tech know that the team is looking out for your order ensuring that it meets your project needs while providing the highest level of quality control and customer service.

With so many project specifications it may get overwhelming to understand what exactly is needed to meet all the requirements.

Bio Shield Tech knows what you need, understands your projects and is ready to provide the best customer service possible. 

Stop the frustrations of ordering online and let our experienced, knowledgeable team save you time by getting you what you need! We are ready to help!

Give us a call 888-489-9226!