Customers Say

What our customers say: “Bio Shield Tech offered a thorough training of the application process which proved to be extremely beneficial to my team.” ~Rich Berg, RKB Sheet Metal – Project: Middletown School 

Why did you choose Bio Shield Tech for your antimicrobial protected coding provider? 

“We always like to utilize Shop-Applied Antimicrobial Protected Coatings instead of the alternative pre-coated steel. Bio Shield Tech and Jeff are very knowledgeable and provide ongoing support when we need it.” 

Was implementing Bio Shield Tech a beneficial decision financially? 

“The Shop-Applied Process is a much more cost-effective way to go. It allows us to apply the protective coating on a specific area that we are working on at the time. This proves to be a much more efficient process and allows for a just-in-time approach when managing our sheet metal inventory.” 

How was the process of applying Silver Bullet AM (R) in comparison to other antimicrobial protective coatings you have used in the past? 

“The process was made much easier by the instruction guidance provided by the Bio Shield Tech team. They provided a thorough training of the application process which proved to be extremely beneficial.” 

How is your experience with Bio Shield Tech from start to finish? 

“Our experience was great. When the spec calls for antimicrobial protected coatings we will always use Bio Shield Tech for this process.” 

“With current green building initiatives and concerns over indoor air quality, there is no better time to include antimicrobial protected coatings in new HVAC systems. At Bio Shield Tech, we stand for providing you with the safest, EPA-registered antimicrobial technology available!”

– Jeff Drucker, President of Bio Shield Tech

What our customers say.