2019 Needs

2019 Needs – With the end of year happening right before our eyes, Bio Shield Tech understands the need to stock up on inventory, utilize all funds allocated for supplies and forecasting for 2019 projects. 

Because we believe in creating relationships with our clients, we are always happy to offer consultations. With changing specifications, lines and lines of fine print and tons of purchasing options the Bio Shield Tech team is here for YOU! 

Schedule a call before the end of the year to discuss your 2019 needs. We are happy to advise.

When You See This On A Specification Documents…Remember Bio Shield Tech!

Factory- or Shop-Applied Antimicrobial Coating

1. Apply to the surface of sheet metal that will form the interior surface of the duct. An untreated clear coating shall be applied to the exterior surface. 

2. Antimicrobial compound shall be tested for efficacy by an NRTL and registered by the EPA for use in HVAC systems. 

3. Coating containing the antimicrobial compound shall have a hardness of 2H, minimum, when tested according to ASTM D 3363.

4. Surface-Burning Characteristics: Maximum flame-spread index of 25 and maximum smoke-developed index of 50 when tested according to the UL 723; certified by an NRTL. 

5. Shop-Applied Coating Color: Black. 

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