Disinfectant Solution

Lanxess Rely+On Disinfectant Solution

It’s inevitable that public facilities like schools, athletic centers, food packaging & food processing facilities, and hospitals will be exposed to an innumerable number of germs- especially during flu season. In order to mitigate microbial mishaps and safeguard the safety of your building’s inhabitants, it’s important to thoroughly sanitize all exposed surfaces with Rely+On multipurpose disinfectant cleaner. Lanxess cleaning products are EPA-approved and guaranteed to eliminate the bulk of bacteria buildup. 

If you detect the spread of MRSA or influenza, apply a coating of Lanxess Rely+On MDC multipurpose sanitizing solution immediately. By dropping the Rely+On powder or tablet formulations into water, you can easily disseminate the disinfectant using a spray bottle. We even offer pre-labeled spray bottles to keep your cleaning storage facilities organized. 

At Bio Shield Tech, we provide public institutions with the best disinfectants at an affordable price. These solutions are incredibly effective and won’t breed sterilization-resistant bacteria. Best of all, our Rely+On multipurpose cleaner is odor-free as well as non-irritating to eyes and skin. Shop for cleaning solution in bulk today and save!

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Lanxess Rely+On Disinfectant Solution