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Order ATP- We are heading into the fourth quarter and want to help make sure you have enough ATP detection swabs and kits for the remainder of 2018. 

Also, many Bio Shield Tech customers place large orders before the year ends to be sure they are stocking up and that they are using their budgets wisely.

As always, the experienced team at Bio Shield Tech is here to help. If you are not familiar with what testing and swabs you need, we can walk you through what would work best for you and for your business. Thank you for trusting in Bio Shield Tech! 

ATP Bacteria Detection Meters and Swabs

If proper procedures aren’t implemented, contamination can overrun even reputable restaurants, hospitals and food processing plants. Unfortunately, microscopic bacteria are all but impossible to detect with anything less than state-of-the-art bacteria swab testing equipment. Safeguard your business and locate the source of troublesome contaminants with the help of our ATP measuring devices and products.

The ATP surface Hygiena testing units and supplies in our inventory feature intuitive design and are easy to use. To activate your testing device, simply snap, squeeze and then place the unused swab into your handheld system. After insertion, you’ll receive accurate results in approximately 15 seconds.

At Bio Shield Tech, you’ll find reliable ATP instruments for food safety, healthcare and sanitation industry professionals. These devices are self-calibrated, moisture-sealed and intended to operate flawlessly in harsh conditions. If you’re unsure about which instrument to choose, reach out to our team at 888-489-9226 and you’ll receive expert advice. Shop now and save!

Order ATP