Whether you maintain food supply line safety or cleanliness standards to prevent healthcare associated infections, you need to make sure your organization takes sanitation seriously. These studies demonstrate how consumers are increasingly demanding dedication to transparency in cleanliness, as well as every other part of your business.

The HygienaATP Sanitation Monitoring System can help provide the data behind this transparency, providing cleanliness data in 15 seconds. Learn how to prove – to anyone – you’re keeping things clean by clicking HERE.


The team at Bio Shield Tech is here and ready to walk you through what you need to monitor, best products to use and will guide you through the ordering process to remove one more thing from your to-do list!

 “With current green building initiatives and concerns over indoor air quality, there is no better time to include antimicrobial protected coatings in new HVAC systems. At Bio Shield Tech, we stand for providing you with the safest, EPA-registered antimicrobial technology available!”

Bio Shield Tech, LLC:

Offering a complete line of the finest antimicrobial technology available, Bio Shield Tech is proud to provide cost effective treatments that are safely used in such environments including: schools, medical facilities, food processing plants, office buildings, prisons, airports and more.

Being the number one provider of infection control products and solutions nationwide, Bio Shield Tech commits to providing the best long-lasting antimicrobial control agents required to meet the varied needs of any environment.

Understanding current antimicrobial technologies and knowing how to choose the right antimicrobial protection, test equipment, cleaners and solutions for our clients is what we do best!