Brewers Tool Kit

Brewers Tool Kit

Making sure you’re compliant can be time consuming and understanding the ATP testing process can be overwhelming in the beginning.

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Resources to Brewers for Getting Started

Brewers and mobile packagers have found ATP sanitation monitoring out of necessity to solve or prevent quality issues in their production processes. Anticipating these universal needs for quality best-practices, more resources research and industry case studies are constantly turning out of the industry as the volume of craft brewers grow and quality persists as a critical factor to brewery success. Though many factors contribute to a brewery’s total quality, ATP sanitation monitoring has proven to be critical tool in the tool chest for brewers of all sizes.

By preventing a single bad batch in even something as modest as a 5-barrel system, the ATP system pays for itself in one avoided incident.

Investigating new challenges for established brewers and overcoming challenges introduced by new equipment can threaten to disrupt the quality status quo. Nashville’s Black Abbey Brewing Company identified its need for an ATP sanitation monitoring system to investigate quality issues during the transition to higher capacity equipment. “We wanted to make sure we had good quality processes in place for everything – starting with making sure the tanks were cleaned and properly broken down before beer even goes into them,” explained owner John Owen. “I felt like we were doing a pretty good job of it, but just eyeballing it- it can be hard to tell. We wanted to have something that could give us proof that we were doing a good job.”

Source: Hygiena