Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is important to any construction project, no matter what size, because let’s face it, no building should cause people discomfort, make someone sick or inhibit their ability to perform.

How effectively a building functions to support its occupants and how efficiently the building operates to keep costs manageable is a measure of the building’s performance.

The growing proliferation of chemical pollutants in consumer and commercial products, the tendency toward tighter building envelopes and reduced ventilation to save energy, and pressures to defer maintenance and other building services to reduce costs have fostered indoor air quality problems in many buildings. Occupant complaints of odors, stale and stuffy air and symptoms of illness or discomfort breed undesirable conflicts between occupants or tenants and building managers. Lawsuits sometimes follow.

If indoor air quality is not well managed on a daily basis, remediation of ensuing problems and/or resolution in court can be extremely costly. So it helps to understand the causes and consequences of indoor air quality and to manage your building to avoid these problems. Source: EPA

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