We had an opportunity to speak to Mr. Ed Bailey with Air Services Unlimited out of Beaumont, Texas about his experience with Bio Shield Tech. and the Silver Bullet AM system for Shop-applied antimicrobial HVAC specifications.

After being awarded a large-scale project installing over 40,000 feet of sheet metal for a new elementary school, Mr. Bailey headed to Google to search out an antimicrobial coating to satisfy the specifications of the job. Air Services Unlimited had done hundreds of duct coating projects in the past but had never been required to have an antimicrobial coating like those provided by Bio Shield Tech.

Since it was their first-time working with a shop-applied antimicrobial product and having never experienced the coating process, Mr. Bailey and his team turned to Jeff Drucker, President and Founder of Bio Shield Tech.

“After finding Bio Shield Tech online, I reached out to Jeff to learn more about the product and process. He offered to assist in any way his team could. Being in Texas and Bio Shield located in Florida, ZOOM was the obvious choice for training,” stated. Mr. Bailey. “Jeff made us feel confident in his products and in the application process. He is a good teacher. We also were able to view some of their tutorial videos on YouTube and very much appreciated the extra customer service!”

When asked if Air Services Unlimited would feel comfortable bidding on future projects that call out antimicrobial protected HVAC, Mr. Bailey, said, “Absolutely! It’s like riding a bike and the easy three step process will definitely be something we feel confident in for future projects.” 

Then we had to ask, “Would your first call made be to Bio Shield Tech”? “Yes, absolutely. Jeff was super to work with and very accommodating, patient and wanted to ensure we were equipped with everything we needed to know about the product. We look forward to future work with Bio Shield Tech.”
~ Ed Bailey, Air Services Unlimited