antimicrobial coatings


Silver Bullet AM™ with Agion® Technology is a high gloss, high durability water-based epoxy that contains an EPA registered Silver/Copper Ion antimicrobial compound. Once applied, it has the ability to protect the coated surface from a broad spectrum of bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, and algae. Silver Bullet AM works by disrupting the reproduction and inhibiting metabolism of microbial cells. Silver Bullet AM is for interior applications only. VOC compliant (171g/l or 1.45 # per gallon).

Silver Bullet AM™ is an antimicrobial protective coating that is used on surfaces to help protect them from retaining mold, algae and fungi This coating system is ideal for areas where severe chemical washing occurs, such as handrails, restrooms, food services, hospitals, HVAC as well as commercial door handles. Silver’s stable ion exchange process represents a significant improvement over standard organic antimicrobials that dissipate rapidly.

Silver Bullet AM™ is water-based and VOC-compliant, formulated for long-term performance in today’s challenging indoor settings. A high-gloss, highly durable epoxy, available in clear, white and black. It can be applied with ease to wood, metal and concrete surfaces, dries within a few hours (20-60 minutes tack-free) and cures completely within a week.
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