Help Protect Your HVAC System

Help Protect Your HVAC System with Antimicrobial HVAC Coating for Ductwork

While the majority of people have likely never given much thought to the HVAC systems in the buildings they work in or visit, those systems are an important aspect of what makes buildings comfortable and functional. Like many other things that work together to help a building function, such as running water and electricity, it is natural that we don’t think about the HVAC system, unless of course it isn’t working optimally. We don’t think about the electricity until the power goes out. We don’t think about the water until the faucet runs dry or pumps out dirty water. And we don’t think about the HVAC until -well actually, most of us never think about the HVAC, because it isn’t always as obvious when something isn’t performing as it should be. And that is why antimicrobial HVAC coating is so important.
While so many building issues are immediately obvious, such as the water and electricity problems mentioned above, or even something smaller like a malfunctioning printer or fax machine, HVAC system concerns are not always as apparent. Mold, mildew, bacteria, fungi and algae can all grow silently and quickly within an untreated HVAC system, swiftly contaminating the unit and compromising its ideal performance.

Silver Bullet AM antimicrobial HVAC coating is applied to the steel used to construct the HVAC system prior to installation. While Silver Bullet AM isn’t difficult to apply, if you aren’t familiar with shop applied HVAC coatings or don’t have the best equipment for the job, we would be happy to connect you with an equipment provider. It is important to consider the difference between a true antimicrobial HVAC coating like Silver Bullet AM, and coatings that simply contain bactericides. Many other coatings are only capable of killing bacteria that is present at the time of application, and don’t offer the long-term protection of Silver Bullet AM. The Silver Bullet AM formula is ideal as an antimicrobial HVAC coating, and a host of other surfaces that are at a high risk for contamination, because it will prevent the cells of contaminants from reproducing. It also disrupts the cell wall function of the bacteria, mold and yeasts, effectively and efficiently killing them. HVAC systems may be out of sight, and often out of mind, but behind the scenes Silver Bullet AM antimicrobial HVAC coating will be working overtime to ensure that coated surfaces are protected against microbiological contamination and reproduction!






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