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Looking For An Economical Alternative To Pre-Coated Antimicrobial Steel? Look For The Silver Bullet!

Building spec sheets are drafted every day with a multitude of construction requirements, many of which vary widely from project to project. However, one spec that is showing up in record numbers is the call for a shop applied antimicrobial coating for the steel used in the fabrication of a building’s HVAC system. Not sure exactly what you’re looking for, or just want some more information about it? At, we’ve been listening closely to the questions our customers have been asking, and we hope this page will provide everyone with the answers they need. However, if there’s anything about the – hows and whys’ of Antimicrobial Steel that we haven’t fully addressed, please give us a call at 888-489-9226 and we’d be happy to answer any questions you might have.


What is the importance of using antimicrobial steel for HVAC systems?

As someone who works with HVAC systems, you know better than anyone that they are not a small or easily accessible system. In fact, it is their – tucked away’ nature that makes them as essential as they are, working behind the scenes and out of the way to perform air management. However, whether or not we keep the cleanliness of our HVAC system at the front of our mind, the potential for it to spread odor causing bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew, and even algae is high. It is unfortunately a set up that presents an ideal breeding ground for these contaminants, and while proper cleaning is necessary regardless of the steel used for the HVAC system’s construction, building it from Antimicrobial Steel gives an unprecedented edge against the contaminants the system might otherwise harbor and foster.


Where can I find antimicrobial steel?

There are currently 2 ways to obtain antimicrobial steel for your project – to buy it, or to create it. Pre-coated antimicrobial steel that you can purchase in large coils is available, with the primary advantage being that there is no further treatment necessary before creating your HVAC system from the steel. But the downside is that this pre-coated steel is only available by coil, or in very limited sheet form. Your project will likely call for several sizes and thicknesses of steel, and purchasing a full coil of each of these is not only extremely expensive, but the question of what to do with the remainder looms large. Even if your company has the resources to front the cost for all this pre-coated steel, what are your storage options for the remainder? Additionally, what if all the sizes you need are not available, or for some of the sizes you just need a very small amount? This is where Silver Bullet AM® Shop Applied Antimicrobial Coating takes the stage to offer you the economical option to create your own antimicrobial steel. An HVAC system includes countless hiding places for dirt and contaminants, from drain pans to coils and corners. Silver Bullet AM ® gives you the opportunity to ensure every inch of these surfaces is fully coated with a silver-powered antimicrobial agent that inhibits the growth of organisms that find their way into the system, protecting the coating itself as well as the HVAC system. This shop applied coating is available in several sizes to match jobs big and small, allowing you the freedom to have the protection you need at your fingertips for last minute projects, as well as the freedom from the burden of purchasing tons of expensive pre-coated steel. Money and storage issues aside, just thinking back to all the last minute changes and modifications that present themselves in the middle and at the end of a project go a long way toward making a strong case for the Silver Bullet AM® choice. Construction jobs rarely, if ever, go exactly as planned, and even the best stocked warehouse or supplier likely won’t have everything your project requires. Silver Bullet AM® ensures that Antimicrobial Steel is just a spray away, no matter what stage of development you’re in. And even more importantly, it helps ensure that when the finishing touch is put on your project and you’re driving away, you’re driving away from a top notch job made possible by quality products and quality craftsmanship.