Rely+On MDC: The Best Disinfectant Cleaner Available

The term “best” is subjective. You might consider what I think to be my best coat or best pair of shoes among the worst in my closet. Yet, while everyone’s best isn’t the same, and certainly not as it applies to fashion, music, food or television shows, we are confident that you’ll agree that the Lanxess Rely+On MDC line of Disinfectant Cleaner is indeed the best. Let’s take a closer look at what makes this lineup of disinfectant cleaners so extraordinary.


It saves time and money.

By providing both cleaning and disinfecting in one step, Disinfectant Cleaner like Rely+On MDC cut down significantly on the time required to provide a comprehensive clean to hard, non-porous surfaces. Whether the products are being used in a hospital, school, or by a crime scene cleanup crew, the time and money saved may be not only a financial benefit but also a health benefit. Using crime scene cleanup as an example, returning the scene to its original condition as quickly as possible helps reduce the likelihood that someone will inadvertently be exposed to potentially harmful pathogens. It also helps you complete your job more efficiently without compromise.


It takes up less supply space.

A cleaning supply closet can be among the most confusing rooms in a medical facility or school. When you aren’t being careful to avoid a mop or heavy bottle falling on your head, you are standing confused trying to find exactly the right cleaner and disinfectant to accomplish the task at hand. Among what might be dozens of different products, this can be a harrowing task. Rely+On MDC removes the confusion by removing the water. Because the majority of cleaners and disinfectants are sold in an already-diluted liquid form, they take up significantly more space than a powder or tablet. Rely+On MDC Disinfectant Cleaner is only sold in powder and tablet form, allowing you to mix it as you need it, and permitting a longer shelf life. Tablets have a shelf life of 2 years – powders a shelf life of 3 years.


It provides powerful protection.

The Rely+On line of Disinfectant Cleaners are designed to thoroughly clean and disinfect hard, non-porous surfaces. Used as directed, these disinfectant cleaners are effective in protecting against a broad spectrum of bacteria, viruses and fungi, to include MRSA, HIV, and Hepatitis A, B and C. They are also useful in a variety of applications to include cleaning tables, floors and walls as well as sanitizing CPR manikins in just 30 seconds. Rely+On MDC is designed to bring you more for less. We are confident that once you’ve added this Disinfectant Cleaner to your supply closet, you’ll soon stop restocking many of the other products that are now unnecessary. Save time. Save money. Save space. Try Rely+on MDC Disinfectant Cleaner.