Top Pick for MRSA Cleaning and Disinfecting

Rely+On MDC:’s Top Pick for MRSA Cleaning and Disinfecting

When reported cases of MRSA began climbing just a few short years ago, public panic set in fairly quickly. Questions around the water cooler included: Is it safe to visit friends and family in the hospital? Could the kids pick it up in school? What are the risks in everyday situations, such as going to the grocery store or using public restrooms? Can anything help reduce the risk of contracting MRSA? A lot of progress in education regarding MRSA has been made since it first splashed across the headlines, including an expanded knowledge of what products make a smart solution for MRSA cleaning, our preferred of which is Lanxess Rely+On MDC. When you are performing MRSA cleaning, it is important to think both big and small. While floors and walls should be cleaned and disinfected, it is often the smaller surfaces that are most likely to be contaminated with MRSA. Consider areas that come into direct contact with the skin.

In a hospital or medical setting, these would include:

  • Bedrails
  • Doorknobs
  • Faucets
  • Armrests on chairs
  • Table trays
  • Drawer pulls on bedside dressers and closets

In a school setting, many of the same surfaces are important to consider when MRSA cleaning, such as doorknobs and faucets. Other areas to consider in schools include:

  • Gym mats
  • Locker room benches
  • Sports equipment
  • Shared electronics, such as calculators and computer keyboards

As with most things, it is easier to prevent a problem than eradicate it. While there is no way to protect surfaces against MRSA 100% of the time, there are steps you can take to make MRSA cleaning less time intensive. These steps will also make it easier for your efforts to be thorough and effective. Whenever possible and practical, protect surfaces against MRSA contamination through the use of protective covers. Consider those simple, coated paper sheets that help minimize the cleaning time required between patients at a doctor’s office while providing a clean, comfortable place for patients to sit and lay. While it seems like such a small measure for the doctor to take, those sheets prevent your bare skin from touching the table itself. The tables still require regular cleaning, likely with a product that qualifies as a MRSA cleaning agent, but the risk of the surface becoming contaminated with MRSA is greatly reduced through the use of the disposable sheets. While these sheets wouldn’t be a practical solution for every gym mat in your school, it would be worth looking into protective products for computer keyboards, telephones, and other shared surfaces. If you are in charge of MRSA cleaning, we hope you’ll consider adding Rely+On MDC to your cleaning supplies. Rely+On MDC is an EPA registered MRSA disinfectant, and brings the added benefit of cleaning and disinfecting in one step. Have any questions about MRSA cleaning with Rely+On MDC, or any of the other uses for this multipurpose disinfectant cleaner? Reach out to us at 888-489-9226 and we’d be happy to help!