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Because of changing market demand, as the industry leader and expert in Hygiena products, Bio Shield Tech is shifting product options to meet our customers’ needs more fully. Rather than providing sanitizing and disinfecting products, our focus is now on providing Hygiena’s ATP testing products—and offering more test kit support for our valued customers than ever before.

We have found that the key question our customers have (regardless of the product choices they’ve made) is how they can know, with certainty, that their surfaces are clean and sanitized—and the only way to test cleaning protocols in real time and get the answer to that crucial question is through ATP testing.

Going forward, our product line will focus on ATP testing kits. We will continue to serve a broad range of industries that benefit from hygienic surfaces that are free from protein residue, biofilms, gluten, glucose, lactose and more.

This will mean that some products that your company has been ordering through us may no longer be available.

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If you need help finding the appropriate Hygiena products to verify cleaning protocols to protect your customers and your brand, please call our expert team at 888-489-9226 (Monday through Friday: 9:00-5:00 p.m., EST), or you can email, or contact us online.

Bio Shield Tech is a one-stop source for Hygiena ATP tests—offers just-in-time and expedited shipping options. That way, your facility never needs to be caught off guard by a last minute audit or when conducting ongoing inspections to determine the effectiveness of staff cleaning protocols.

We look forward to continuing to serve you and your company with fast, reliable, convenient, cost effective Hygiena products!