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Microbe Shield is a proven, easy­ to­ use, long lasting, non­toxic, water ­based, highly effective antimicrobial that, unlike traditional sanitizer technologies, delivers a “physical kill” to any pathogen subject to lyses (i.e. being punctured). Nothing works better or longer than Microbe Shield with the data to back it up. Microbe Shield is built on a quaternary ammonium chloride compound, specifically: 3­Trimethoxysilyl propyl dimethyl octadecyl Ammonium Chloride.


Sold as individual gallon or pack of 4.





Microbe Shield Technology

Can be characterized as depositing a layer of molecular “pins” that assemble in a contiguous, molecular matrix that permanently bonds to any surface to which it is applied providing a protective barrier that is hostile to any pathogen that is subject to lysis (i.e. the disintegration of a cell by rupture of the cell wall or membrane). By creating a defensive, antimicrobial layer at a nano­scale (1 nm = 1 billionth of a meter), Microbe Shield is not only more effective than traditional disinfectants, it also has the benefit of working consistently over a protracted period of time.
The Microbe Shield technology not only offers unmatched consistent antimicrobial efficacy. But because it does not kill pathogens by toxicity, the organisms cannot adapt to it, so there is no possibility of immunity developing as they can with traditional forms of disinfection. Microbe Shield is also compatible with current sanitation regimens. It can be used to augment current practices providing the continuous efficacy traditional sanitizers cannot offer.


  • Water­based ­ Microbe Shield bonds permanently to the target surface – even to polyester.
  • Physical vs. Chemical “Kill” ­ millions of ‘pins’ that attract and physically kill bacteria. Organisms cannot adapt to it so there is NO mutation = NO superbugs.
  • Non­Toxic ­ does not kill by toxicity or poisoning, less toxic than Vitamin C.
  • Non­leaching ­ Microbe Shield bonds permanently to the target surface, product cannot leach.

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