Prime Solution 5253 Primer

Prime Solution 5253 (Gray) is unique in its ability to adhere to metal surfaces with slight contamination of oils or greases. 5253 is water-based, low VOC, single package, rust inhibitive acrylic primers.



Color: Gray

Sizes: 1 gallon


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Quality paint jobs occur with quality preparation, products, and application.  Preparation includes cleaning the surface to be painted to remove all contaminants. Some customers do not have the proper equipment to adequately clean parts to be coated with water-based coatings and may only solvent wash parts. For those customers, we provided Prime Solution 5253. PS 5253, in laboratory tests using mineral oils, steel test plates were coated with oil and wiped with a paper towel to remove excess oil. The test plates were then sprayed with PS 5253 and air dried for 7 days or heat dried at 160°F for 2 hours.

Prime Solution 5253 was then tested for adhesion using ASTM D3359 cross cross-hatching test method and rated 5B or 100% adhesion.  While we would always recommend that surfaces be cleaned as well as possible, tests indicate that PS 5253 can supply a quality paint job on surfaces with some oil contamination.
We recommend you test PS 5253 in your process to determine results in your application. Steel surfaces should have rust, grease, dirt, oil or loose paint removed.  We recommend washing with BC 4000 Cleaner/degreaser.  Solvent wash and wipe would be the second choice.

How to Thin PS 5253 Series Metal Primer for Use:
Apply only when air and surface temperatures are between 50oF and 100oF and surface temperature is at least 5oF above the dew point.

Roller or Brush Primer: Use clean water. Thinning is normally not required.  Use 5%-10% if needed (approximately 1/2 pint per gallon)
Air Atomizing Praying Primer: Use clean water. Thinning is normally not required.  Use 5%-10% if needed (approximately 1/2 pint per gallon)
Airless Spraying Primer: Use clean water. Thinning is normally not required.  Use 5%-10% if needed (approximately 1/2 pint per gallon)

Soap and water

Product Colors: Gray

Recommended TopCoats: Silver Bullet AM, Superlife 316 DTMR, Steel Tuff 316, Topcoat 1010



Filter: Use 100 mesh stainless steel screen or nylon bag when needed
Brush: Use a quality synthetic bristle brush
Roller: Use quality roller cover
Air Atomized Sprayer:  Follow equipment manufacturer’s nozzle and needle selection recommendation for use with heavy latex paints. Spray at 45-60 psi.
Airless Sprayer: 2000-2500 psi with 0.015 to 0.019 tip.
Hot Spraying Temperature: 100-120F

Prime Solution 5253 VOC Information: 167.4 g/L or 1.4 Lbs/Gal

Flash Point: N/A

USDA: Meets USDA requirements for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.

Steel Plus CR Appearance:  Satin to flat gray

Warning: Do not take internally. Close containers tightly after use and keep upright. In case of spillage, absorb and dispose of in accordance with locally applicable regulations. For specific information refer to the Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

Physical Properties

Weight Per Gallon: 10.1 Lbs
Solids by Weight: 44%
Solids by Volume: 32%
Recommended DFT: 1.0 mils.
WFT to Achieve DFT: 3.0 mils.
Induction Time: None
Theoretical Coverage:  @1 MIL DFT 527 sq. ft./gal
Actual Coverage ar recommended DFT: 527 sq. ft./gal
Dry Time @77F and 50% Humidity:
Tack Free: 15-30 minutes
Handle: 30 minutes
Recoat: 1-2 hours
Full Cure: 7 days (drying can be accelerated)
Dry Heat Resistance: 400F
Shelf Life: 2 years


Product Data Sheet (PDS)

Prime Solution-5253-Primer Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

30-5253 Primer Gray (SDS)

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