Rely+On MDC Disinfectant Cleaner – Save Time without Sacrificing Quality or Performance

For many things in life, cutting corners is evident in the outcome. That freshly baked pie crust will always taste better than a store-bought crust, and washing your sweater will always leave it smelling nicer than spraying it with perfume or cologne! But while a store-bought pie crust and spritzed sweater never hurt anyone, there can be a risk that cutting corners while cleaning and disinfecting surfaces will leave them less than as clean and disinfected as they can be. Lanxess Rely+On disinfectant cleaner helps ensure you can cut down on the time invested without reducing efficacy.

At Bio Shield Tech, we understand that there are countless reasons those in charge of cleaning and disinfecting buildings can feel rushed and overwhelmed, and that these reasons have nothing to do with laziness or lack of pride in one’s work. Many companies are working with a bare bones crew as tough financial times have forced them to whittle down their workforce. This usually means that more is required of the staff members that remain, and their already-heavy workload is increased. For staff members that are in charge of cleaning, it is often not an option to leave a project for the next day, or even push it off until later that day. In many fields, such as the medical field, cleaning and disinfecting of surfaces simply can’t wait as it is of paramount importance that they be tended to as quickly as possible.

Rely+On MDC disinfectant cleaner can be an important ally for the cleaning staff as it is a disinfectant and cleaner in one. When working with separate cleaners and disinfectants, the time invested in cleaning and disinfection is doubled as a disinfectant cannot do its job until a surface has been thoroughly cleaned. Working with a disinfectant cleaner gives you an extra set of hands in a sense, cutting the time it takes to perform an effective cleaning and disinfection in half. This not only means that your cleaning staff can perform their jobs more quickly, but also that the surfaces they are cleaning will be ready to be used again more quickly. This can mean more available examination rooms, emergency vehicles, bathrooms, patient rooms, or even cafeteria tables are at the ready, which is important if there were not only cuts to staff but also a reduction of space and equipment.

At, we are always on the lookout for top of the line products that we feel are the best at what they do, and Rely+On MDC disinfectant cleaner earns our vote. We are proud to offer products that are a true benefit to our customers, allowing them to perform their jobs to the best of their ability because they have the best supplies to work with. We consider Rely+On MDC the best not only because it is a single solution disinfectant cleaner, but because of the wide range of pathogens it is effective against, including its status as an EPA registered disinfectant against MRSA. We also value its easy-to-use, easy-to-transport and easy-to-store powder and tablet formulas. Ready to mix with water on the spot, Rely+On MDC allows you to have an effective disinfectant cleaner at your fingertips, even when storage space is at a minimum and carrying already-diluted solutions is a difficult option. We’re confident you will love Rely+On MDC as much as we do, but are here to answer any questions you might have before ordering. Feel free to call Bio Shield Tech at 888-489-9226 for more information about this popular disinfectant cleaner, or any of the products we carry!