Silver Bullet AM HVAC Antimicrobial Coating Resource Articles

Silver Bullet AM coating is an HVAC antimicrobial coating that goes right to the source of a potential problem that exists in every building with an HVAC system. The problem is the spread of bacteria, mildew and mold.

When 221 individuals became ill while attending a 1976 American Legion Convention at the Bellevue-Stratford Hotel in Philadelphia, it was discovered that the cause of the illness was bacteria being spread by the hotel’s heating/cooling system. Dubbed Legionnaire’s Disease, 34 of those infected ended up dying as a result, and a national panic followed. It became apparent that the air being circulated by building HVAC systems could potentially be lethal if not treated to prevent the spread of dangerous microbes.

The antimicrobial properties of silver have made the Silver Bullet AM the leader for use in HVAC duct coating and sealant use. Choose from any of the accompanying articles to learn more about our Silver Bullet AM paint coating!