The Bio Shield Tech Difference

The Bio Shield Tech Difference


When it comes to indoor air quality and long term investment in technology that can provide years of benefit for building occupants, the phrase “Value Engineering” should never be considered when antimicrobial technology is being called out in specification documents. Bio Shield Tech can help spec writers, design engineers, general contractors and end users understand why this beneficial feature should NEVER be removed or substituted in any way.


Whether your project requires 3 quarts or 300 gallons, Bio Shield Tech offers a wide selection of Silver Bullet AM (R) Shop-Applied Antimicrobial Protected Coatings. Our flexible ordering system allows you to order the quantity you need, when you need it.

Silver Bullet AM (R) provides a cost effective alternative to pre-coated coil steel. TESTED SAFE

As an approved HVAC specialist for Silver Bullet AM (R), Bio Shield Tech products include Agion Antimicrobial compounds that have been tested for efficacy by an NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) and are registered by the EPA for safe use in HVAC systems.


When You See This On A Specification Documents…Remember Bio Shield Tech

Factory- or Shop-Applied Antimicrobial Coating:

1. Apply to the surface of sheet metal that will form the interior surface of the duct. An untreated clear coating shall be applied to the exterior surface.

2. Antimicrobial compound shall be tested for efficacy by an NRTL and registered by the EPA for use in HVAC systems.

3. Coating containing the antimicrobial compound shall have a hardness of 2H, minimum, when tested according to ASTM D 3363.

4. Surface-Burning Characteristics: Maximum flame-spread index of 25 and maximum smoke-developed index of 50 when tested according to the UL 723; certified by an NRTL.

5. Shop-Applied Coating Color: Black.