ATP Testing Equipment: Additional Components

When you use Hygiena ATP testing equipment, you can proceed with confidence, knowing that you can detect the presence of adenosine triphosphate in the most challenging of environments. But, how can you ensure the health of the testing equipment itself? That’s where calibration verification devices and positive control kits come in, with swab coolers and swab extenders allowing you to enhance and expand your cleaning protocols.

CalCheck LED Calibration Verification Device


Hygiena luminometers are at the heart of ATP tests—and CalCheck, the convenient, reusable LED device—allows your company to quickly and reliably verify your Hygiena EnSURE™and SystemSURE Plus luminometer calibration. In fact, you can verify accuracy in less than a minute.

CalCheck is a wonderful addition to a company’s quality control program. Although every luminometer by Hygiena comes equipped with calibration self-checks, triggered at each startup, CalCheck allows you to re-verify this at the click of a button. This provides additional proof of instrument calibration for the most robust quality control processes. CalCheck usage demonstrates your commitment to accuracy to auditors, an act of due diligence that verifies a properly operating testing system.

CK-25 Positive Control Kit | Reagent Verification Kit

Positive Control CK25

Use this ATP positive control kit to validate the stability and effectiveness of your Hygiena ATP testing equipment. The kit includes ATP amounts in known quantities (5×10-13 moles); test them and you can validate the performance of your testing equipment. This can be ideal, as just one example, if you need to troubleshoot product storage temperature concerns.

This ATP positive control kit comes with 25 sealed glass vials for testing purposes. Note that the control vials must be kept refrigerated. This system is compatible with UltraSnap, SnapShot, and SpotCheck Plus.

Swab Cooler

Swab Cooler

When you need to keep your test devices cool, but you aren’t near a place with available cold storage, the Swab Cooler is the go-to accessory for your on-the-go testing. Dimensions of this insulated cooler are 10.75″ W x 9.5″ H x 6″ D, which means it’s large enough to contain several bags of Hygiena swabs for a single trip, with a wide zipper top that makes it quick and easy to access those swabs.

Plus, you can store your luminometer or calibration control kit in the front zipper pocket, with the side mesh pocket being ideal for notes or instructions. The padded shoulder strap is adjustable for your comfort.

Swab Extenders

Swab Extender Arm

If your facility has hard-to-reach test sites, such as vents, tanks, hoppers, and/or large pieces of equipment, these atp testing swab extenders are the perfect solution. Available in two lengths—48 inches (122 cm) and 13 feet (4 m)—they collapse for easy, convenient storage. The swab is held securely in place with an easy release clip; when done, you can release it with one quick touch, and it can be used with all test devices by Hygiena.

Digital Dry Block Incubators

Digital Dry Block Incubators

When it’s time to incubate as part of your ATP testing, dry block incubators by Hygiena are the right equipment to use. Incubators come in two sizes, with the larger one allowing companies to test at two different temperatures in one incubator at one time. To ensure that you achieve optimal incubation every time, the built-in timer comes with a sound alert and auto-stop feature. To provide the maximum amount of flexibility, incubators have multiple configurations that allow you to use them for the wide variety of Hygiena test devices, as needed; for example, you can set up for large volume vial tubes or for swab test devices.

Testing volumes are as follows:

  • Small Footprint (6-12 wells): Designed for companies that run low test volume at one temperature.
  • Lab Format (30-70 wells): Designed for companies running numerous tests and/or requiring two temperatures.

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Calibrating, controlling, cooling, and more: the ATP testing equipment offered here allows you to add another layer to the depth of your quality control programs to ensure that even hard to reach surfaces are free of contaminants. As an authorized stocking distributor for Hygiena, we offer the best, most in-demand add-on components for your ATP testing programs and processes, and we deliver to companies all around the world.

FAQs: ATP Testing Equipment & Accessories

What is a dry block incubator?
Dry bock incubators are used to achieve exact temperature stability to ensure uniformity during your facility’s ATP testing process.

Our Hygiena digitally controlled dry block incubators are capable of reaching up to 105 °C and can be set to any temperature required by all Hygiena test devices, and more. The built-in timer and auto-stop sound alert allows you to achieve a perfect incubation with every test.

How do you do an ATP swab using a swab extender?
When using an ATP swab extender, the swabbing technique to collect surface samples should be done in the same fashion as when swabbing without an extender. Once the swab is clipped into place, extend the arm to the desired length then proceed to swab the surface in a criss-cross pattern in a 4-inch X 4-inch area. The swab can be released easily with one touch, then proceed with the remaining testing process as normal.
Do I need to use an atp positive control kit?
A positive control kit is used to validate the efficacy and stability of Hygiena ATP testing devices. It is highly recommended that a control kit is used to test at least one device when a new bag of testing devices is opened, as well as to validate performance when there is a concern about product storage temperatures.

As the perfect companion to validate your ATP testing processes, it will give you peace of mind that your operating procedures are optimal.

Do I need to purchase a calibration device?
Hygiena monitors are designed to self-calibrate at startup, but it is recommended to verify calibration once a month.