Hygiena ATP Swabs: Quickly and Easily Test for Cross-Contamination

Bio Shield Tech is an authorized stocking distributor for Hygiena ATP testing equipment. These tests are the preferred choice for companies around the globe because of their cutting-edge designs, simple to use features, and state of the art technologies that facilitate second to none reliability and guaranteed performance.

The quality of the test results, of course, can only be as good as sample collection allows—and these tests come with ATP swabs that make gathering a sample quick, easy, convenient, and accurate. For guidance in choosing what products you need for your industry, please contact us online or email info@bioshieldtech.com

UltraSnap ATP
Surface Test

SuperSnap High Sensitivity ATP Surface Test

AquaSnap Total and Free Water ATP Tests

AllerSnap Rapid Protein Residue Test

InSite Listeria
Environmental Spp. Test

Insite Salmonella
Environmental Test

AllerFlow Gluten Swab

PRO-Clean Rapid Protein Residue Test


CalCheck LED Calibration Verification Device

ATP Swab Tests: Allergens

ATP allergen tests: Options include gluten test kits; ones that test for glucose, lactose, and protein. No matter which ones your organization needs, Hygiena’s ATP tests facilitate the examination of surfaces, food, and drink for contaminants. This in turn allows food manufacturers, commercial kitchens, environmental cleaning companies, and businesses in many other industries to rapidly respond to the presence of allergens and, as needed, take immediate corrective actions.

Each of these allergen tests are easy to use and interpret. Their consistent use can prevent allergen cross-contamination in a highly effective, holistic way, which will help to protect the health of customers. It allows companies to improve upon and then verify cleaning protocols to also protect their reputations. These ATP swabs can even cut through the biofilm that forms when microorganisms come in contact with food and moisture and allow companies to address biofilm-related hygienic issues.

Specific types of allergen tests with ATP swabs include the following:

GlutenTox® Pro: This test kit identifies 33-mer peptide, the antibody that triggers an allergic reaction in people with celiac disease. It quickly allows you to recognize this gluten fraction in food, drinks, and surfaces to avoid accidental contamination.

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AllerSnap™ Rapid Protein Residue Test: Quickly detect any protein residue on surfaces, using pre-moistened swabs that allow you to receive consistently reliable results. The more protein that remains, the darker the color change will be.

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PRO-Clean Rapid Protein Residue Test: Simply swab a surface to accurately verify the cleanliness of food equipment surfaces. If protein residue is present, the regent will turn purple — the more contamination, the quicker the color changes and the darker it becomes.

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ATP Swab Tests: Organisms

With ATP organism tests, your organization can conveniently check for the presence of Salmonella, Listeria, and more, which makes them crucial tests for environmental cleaning organizations, the food and beverage industry, and so forth. When residue is spotted, you can immediately focus on improving cleaning protocols for enhanced safety levels and also speed up product to market time.

With organism tests, you may hear references to “indicator organisms.” These microorganisms are ones chosen to check for pathogen presence, such as in a food production line.

Each of these organism testing systems is preset with pass/fail levels that, overall, are optimal for facilities. We’ve arrived at these levels after years of testing and by also referring to results of independent scientific research. If new to ATP testing, these thresholds usually are a good place to start; as needed, you can adjust them for your own unique requirements.

Tests include the following:

InSite Listeria: This swab test allows you to get on-site screening results for listeria in just 24 to 48 hours, which eliminates the frustrating wait times from outside labs.

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Hygiena™ InSite Salmonella: Test quickly and easily for Salmonella with this simple to interpret test. When this residue is present, the sample liquid changes from purple to bright yellow.

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ATP Swab Tests: Surface, Water, and Enzyme

ATP surface, water, and enzyme efficiency tests permit you to test for the presence of ATP, quickly and easily. This organic compound (adenosine triphosphate) serves as the energy source for living cells and, when residue remains on surfaces, dangerous cross-contamination may exist. These Hygiena tests are highly sensitive, which allows you to effectively obtain results and enhance cleaning protocols.

Ideally, testing for ATP should take place after surfaces have been cleaned but not yet sanitized. If that isn’t possible, perhaps because you can’t test immediately after cleaning, go ahead and sanitize and then test. Most sanitizers will not affect results.

These tests include:

SuperSnap™: Detect extremely low ATP levels with this super sensitive allergen cross-contamination prevention device; it’s also the test of choice with harsh samples.

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UltraSnap™: This all-in-one ATP surface test is easy to use with a high degree of sensitivity. You benefit from reliable results in 15 seconds, with a cost that’s 50% less than other choices.

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AquaSnap™: This test determines the microbial contamination of samples by comparing free ATP in solution with ATP that is released from organic matter.

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PRO-Clean Rapid Protein Residue Test: Simply swab a surface to accurately verify the cleanliness of food equipment surfaces. If protein residue is present, the regent will turn purple — the more contamination, the quicker the color changes and the darker it becomes.

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How does ATP swab testing work?
An ATP test kit will contain two key parts: a handheld reader and ATP swabs. The swab is disposable and the user will remove the ATP swab from a pen-like device that contains a solution. The swab is then spread across a test area to collect a sample. The ATP swab is then put back into the device with the reagent solution and connected to the reader.

A bioluminescence test is performed by the reader with results reported, often directly by the reader, within 15 seconds on average. Many readers can also save reading histories digitally so that results can be tracked and monitored over time.

How reliable is ATP testing?
These tests can accurately represent the state of cleanliness of a tested area, although reliability varies by brand. Hygiena offers the most accurate ATP system available today, outperforming its competition, according to data provided by a highly respected independent laboratory. Hygiena tests are of such high quality because of the time and attention given to each of their three core components: the test device/ATP swabs, the luminometer, and the bioluminescence chemistry.
Is ATP testing accurate?
Tests can be highly accurate, given that you choose the right brand. Hygiena offers the most reliable system on the market, a fact verified by a highly respected, third party laboratory. Bio Shield Tech only sells the most trusted products available today, including Hygiena testing products. We are in fact an authorized stocking distributor for this brand. For guidance in choosing what you need for your industry, please contact us online or call 888-489-9226.