ATP Allergen Swabs & Testing Kits

ATP Tests by Hygiena AreFast, Reliable, Convenient, and Cost Effective

As an authorized “stocking” Hygiena distributor, Bio Shield Tech is a one-stop source for Hygiena products, including ATP allergen tests. From gluten test kits to glucose and lactose testing and protein testing, we offer kits that commercial kitchens, food manufacturers and more use to test food, drink, and surfaces for contaminants—allowing these companies to then take immediate corrective action if needed.

AllerFlow Gluten: Environmental Gluten Surface Residue Test Kit

AllerFlow Gluten Swab

The AllerFlow gluten testing kit features pre-measured Hygiena allergen swabs that are designed to quickly detect gluten surface residue. The classic lateral flow technology, proprietary design, and unparalleled convenience make these allergen swab testing kits easier to use than ever with results in ten minutes.

Simply swab the designated area, then snap-activate and squeeze the device provided. Next, pour that sample onto the lateral flow cassette. This all-inclusive gluten testing kit requires minimal training to use and provides results that are easy to interpret —indicating the presence of barley, oat, rye, and/or wheat without cross-activity from corn, rice, or soy.

GlutenTox® Pro: Gluten Testing Kit

GlutenTox® Pro

GlutenTox® Pro is a user-friendly gluten test kit that’s ideal for food manufacturers and commercial kitchens, designed to indicate contamination in food, drinks, and surfaces. This gluten testing kit contains the antibody—G12—that recognizes the gluten fraction that triggers reactions in people with celiac disease: 33-mer peptide. Designed to help companies avoid accidental contamination, it detects gluten from barley, oat, rye, and wheat. Results are available in fewer than 20 minutes and no special equipment is required. The sample collection process is convenient with only minimal training required. Plus, this gluten test kit offers significant savings over other allergen-specific test kits.

AllerSnap™ Rapid Protein Residue Test

GlutenTox® Pro

AllerSnap™ quickly validates surface cleanliness by detecting protein residue left behind, allowing immediate corrective action to be taken if needed. These pre-moistened swabs ensure consistent reliable results.

Simply snap, squeeze, then swab the area, you’ll release a reagent that turns color, providing a qualitative result of the protein levels on the surface. In 15- 20 minutes, you’ll have the accurate results, the more protein present, a quicker and darker color change will take place. There’s a color chart included to eliminate guesswork and any misinterpretation.

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FAQs: Allergen Swabs and Tests

What does ATP testing measure? What role does that play in allergen testing?
“ATP” stands for “adenosine triphosphate” and this substance is found in all organic material, which means that it is present, in varying degrees, in all food and drink. It is, in fact, the universal unit of energy and is therefore present in all living cells. ATP testing (also called ATP monitoring) involves testing surface cleanliness using methods that provide rapid results. This is why ATP testing is often used by food and beverage manufacturers, commercial kitchens, and the like. If ATP residue still exists on a surface, this can lead to unwanted cross-contamination, which is crucial to avoid because of potential allergic reactions in the consumer. Hygiena allergen swabs make this testing fast and easy so that your company can quickly boost and verify cleaning protocols.
What is ATP swabbing?
Surface samples are collected through the use of swab devices that can detect the presence of certain residues. Gluten test kits, for example, would include allergen swabs in a kit that specifically tests for that substance. Then, the company could address any hygiene-related issues to protect both its customers and the brand’s reputation. Testing is rapid and results are easy to read with either no or minimal training.
Why should ATP allergen testing play a key role in my company’s overall allergen control initiatives?
Consistently using allergen swab testing kits is a highly effective, holistic method of preventing allergen cross-contamination, which protects the health of customers with allergies and the reputation of the company. Regular testing also allows companies to improve upon cleaning protocols and then verify the effectiveness of the enhanced protocols.
How can Hygiena allergen swabs help with biofilms?
After these sticky polymers form where microorganisms meet up with food and moisture, it can be challenging to address them with sanitizers alone. Hygiena swabs can cut through the biofilm and therefore play a key role in addressing hygiene issues associated with the presence of biofilm.