Jack Daniel Cooperage & Bio Shield Tech 

by Jeff Drucker | Oct 25, 2019 | Company News 

When you hear the words Jack Daniels you may think of getting home from a long day at work and pouring the exceptionally smooth whiskey into a highball glass, kicking your feet up and unwinding while enjoying its unique aromas and flavors. When our team thinks of this world-known brand we think of Silver Bullet AM coating and how it was used on their new facility! 

Bio Shield Tech was honored to be chosen to provide the Jack Daniel Cooperage construction project in Alabama with Silver Bullet AM for all their duct work needs. Silver Bullet AM is a high-performance; water-based epoxy coating that provides all of the durability and antimicrobial protection needed for years of equipment protection. It can be field or shop-applied and is easily applied by brush, roller or spray application. No special equipment is needed and everything cleans up with water. It also has the additional benefits of little to no odor during application and no odor once dried. 

This was the best option for their construction needs after there was a global demand for more Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. The new $60+ million dollar facility produces handmade white oak barrels used for maturing the whiskey and goes through a proprietary process designed to give Jack Daniel’s its unique flavor. 

When Bio Shield Tech received the specifications from the ductwork fabricator on the project, we quickly responded and were awarded the project. It was very cool to be part of this expansion! 

We understand duct work fabricators have tremendous amounts of paperwork to go through! Our experienced team is here to help! We can easily help you identify what is needed for your next project as we did for Jack Daniels Cooperage!