NYC Subways, Modern Cleaning Services & Bio Shield Tech

by Jeff Drucker | Jun 5, 2020 | Newsletter

“I came across Bio Shield Tech after finding them on Google. Glad I did because, I always work with reliable suppliers and prefer to have a direct contact that can fulfill our needs quickly,” stated Richard Dacey, Vice President of Modern Facilities Services.

Modern Facilities Services, founded in 1979 has been awarded excellence awards consecutively for the past five years from the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Aviation Department. They have provided facilities management services specializing in sanitation of critical touch points for over 39 years. Recently their employees were featured in this YouTube video with Governor Cuomo. Their employees have been tasked to clean the NY Subway system daily.

That’s where Bio Shield Tech came in. Modern Facilities Services purchased ATP Hygiene testing meters and swabs recently for this NYC Subway need. Hygiena’s monitoring systems and devices are the preferred choice of companies, like Modern Facilities Services, worldwide because of performance, ease of use, and cost. EnSURE Touch, SystemSURE Plus and EnSURE feature patented, cutting-edge designs, state-of-the-art technologies and simple-to-use features for guaranteed performance and reliability in any environment. When used with Hygiena’s SureTrend tracking software, they provide a QUICK and simple way to track, trend, analyze, archive and report tests results over time.

This impressive company has been a part of many major state of emergency situations including clean-up after Hurricane Sandy and sanitizing every inch of Tower 1 after the 1993 bombing. They have been a reliable partner to New York City and many others, providing emergency response for public infrastructures. “We have hired many additional employees in the past two months to take care of the growing need of professional sanitization,” continued Dacey, “Jeff Drucker and his team at Bio Shield Tech are rising stars in this industry. It’s clear they know what they’re doing, are responsive and have unique products and sanitization solutions. Jeff has his fingers in a very interesting and cutting edge technology and I believe he is way ahead of the curve for long term solutions that our business is definitely interested in.”

~Richard Dacey, Vice President of Modern Facilities Services
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