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Silver Bullet AM Antimicrobial Duct Coating for HVAC – FAQs

At, we try to provide as much information as possible about all the products we carry. We invest a great deal of time into learning as much about our products as we can, and we enjoy sharing that information with you so you can make the most informed decision possible. With that in mind, we put together this list of FAQs regarding Silver Bullet antimicrobial duct coating. These touch on 6 of the most common questions customers have about Silver Bullet AM, and we hope they’ll be helpful to you! If we haven’t answered your question in our list, please reach out to an expert at Bio Shield Tech by calling 888-489-9226.

What makes Silver Bullet AM Antimicrobial duct coating different from coatings containing bactericides or fungicides?
Coatings containing bactericides only kill bacteria present at the time of application. Silver Bullet AM is a long-term protective coating that continues to kill bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and algae for years after application, something coatings containing bactericides simply aren’t capable of doing.

Does Silver Bullet AM have an odor?

There is only a very slight odor to Silver Bullet AM during application, and no odor whatsoever upon drying. Many people who have used Silver Bullet AM have noted that they did not notice the odor at all when applying the antimicrobial duct coating.

Is Silver Bullet AM safe to use for any HVAC system?

Absolutely. Silver Bullet AM is water based, very low in VOCs, and can be used in the HVAC systems of schools, hospitals, office buildings, airports, and more – any location! Because this is a shop applied antimicrobial duct coating, there is no job too big or small for Silver Bullet AM. Simply buy the amount that you need for the HVAC system you’ll be fabricating, and you won’t have to worry about storing tons of extra supplies until your next project.

Is Silver Bullet AM a smart choice for me if I’ll be working primarily with pre-treated steel?
Pre-treated steel and Silver Bullet AM both bring their own advantages, and many customers have told us that they prefer to work with both. For very large HVAC units, it can save you time in some instances to work with pre-treated steel, especially if you have a small team. But as every HVAC installer is aware, projects rarely if ever go off without a few hiccups. Silver Bullet AM antimicrobial duct coating will help you get through those hiccups without losing valuable time. It makes treating steel or fabricated components on the spot easy and efficient, and offers flexibility when you’ve run short on pre-coated steel.

You offer Silver Bullet AM in Tracer Black, Tracer White and Clear. Is there a difference in the formulas?
Whichever color of Silver Bullet AM antimicrobial duct coating you choose, you are getting the same cutting-edge formula. While the clear coating is a popular choice, many people opt for Tracer Black or Tracer White as it makes it easier to ensure you haven’t missed any spots during application. There are slight differences in the solids content, which affects the product yield or square foot coverage. See product data sheets for details.

What does it mean when the project calls for an “Untreated Clear Coating on the duct exterior?
Typically the spec reads an “Untreated” Clear coating on the exterior which serves no real purpose that we have been able to determine. One thought process would be if there is a concern with condensation that may occur on the exterior of the duct. In our experience, the outside clear coating is generally dropped from most projects we have quoted for shop applied coatings. We do offer a high quality clear industrial coating (not antimicrobial) that would be appropriate for this type of application. We can provide separate quotations for the Silver Bullet “Antimicrobial Protected” coating as well as a quotation for the untreated clear top coat if necessary.

How much coverage can I get from a gallon of Silver Bullet AM?
Coverage averages from 550 to 1100 square feet per gallon. Please see product data sheet for more details.