Did you know that ATP – or Adenosine Triphosphate – is the primary energy unit of a cell that is in all living organisms on earth? It is one of the most important energy sources that the body needs. ATP is constantly formed and broken down as it participates in biological reactions and is central to the health and growth of all life. Without it, cells could not transfer energy from one location to another, making it impossible for organisms to grow and reproduce! Since ATP is present in all living and active microbial cells, it is an excellent indicator of overall microbiological content in fluids or deposits.

By measuring ATP regularly, and being able to differentiate between cellular ATP inside active microorganisms and dissolved ATP released from dead cells, cause & effect relationships can be identified helping you solve microbiological challenges before it’s too late.

Typical responses to microbiological “threats” (biocide treatments, chemical disinfectants, non-chemical disinfection, pasteurization, filtration, and so on) actually attack the total microbiological population. Therefore, ATP testing technology gives you the data you need to make informed decisions when it comes to microbiological threats in your system and allows you to confirm that your water management strategy is effective.

Used for testing either free ATP levels, total ATP levels or both, ATP hygiene monitoring systems provide detailed measurement readings as well as a report briefing so you can take appropriate action. An ATP swab test used for the food industry allows for continued assurance that surfaces and products are not contaminated.

Who We Are…

Offering a complete line of the finest antimicrobial technology available, Bio Shield Tech is proud to provide cost effective treatments that are safely used in such environments including: schools, medical facilities, food processing plants, office buildings, prisons, airports and more.

Being the number one provider of infection control products and solutions nationwide, Bio Shield Tech commits to providing the best long-lasting antimicrobial control agents required to meet the varied needs of any environment.

Understanding current antimicrobial technologies and knowing how to choose the right antimicrobial protection, test equipment, cleaners and solutions for our clients is what we do best! 

“With current green building initiatives and concerns over indoor air quality, there is no better time to include antimicrobial protected coatings in new HVAC systems. At Bio Shield Tech, we stand for providing you with the safest, EPA-registered antimicrobial technology available!”

– Jeff Drucker, President of Bio Shield Tech

Source: Ashlee Donaher / Technology – Fundamentals