Contractors Turn to Mold-Inhibiting Products During Duct Fabrication

Bio Shield Tech has the industry insight and solutions expertise to help you understand current antimicrobial technologies and to choose the right infection control products and solution required to meet the varied needs of any environment. With more than a decade of experience, we are recognized as an industry leader in the solutions, protocols and trends of the antimicrobial industry. 

We are a trusted supplier to medical and manufacturing facilities, construction and HVAC fabricators, and government agencies in need of antimicrobial and personal protection products. 

Our knowledgeable industry experts are available to guide you through each phase of the process, and will show you how Silver Bullet AM can easily satisfy your requirements.

Industry Proven Antimicrobial HVAC Coatings

Silver Bullet AM is a tough, heavy duty, extremely chemical-resistant epoxy designed for maximum performance in severe environments. 

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An acrylic aerosol Antimicrobial product. It contains both a bactericide to protect against over 650 strains of bacteria. 

A general-purpose liquid alkaline cleaner designed to handle a wide variety of industrial and general metalworking applications. 

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Contractors Turn to Mold-Inhibiting Products During Duct Fabrication