The Antimicrobial Duct Coating That Gets The Job Done For Less

Silver Bullet AM – The Antimicrobial Duct Coating That Gets The Job Done For Less

Are you looking for an antimicrobial protected duct coating that is both effective and cost-effective? You’re looking for Silver Bullet AM. This water based epoxy is not only easy to work with, but it brings the protection you have come to expect and respect from Agion Technologies. And it’s available in clear, black or white to work well with every HVAC system as well as every other surface it is used to protect.

Silver Bullet AM Antimicrobial Duct Coating – The Long Name With The Short Price!

If you rely on pre-coated steel for your HVAC projects, chances are it’s not only the cost that is limiting how much you can buy, but also the size. Pre-coated steel is expensive and only available in large quantities of the same size. You don’t get to pick and choose exactly the sizes of sheet steel you need, you most likely have to buy a complete coil of each size you’ll be working with. This can be extraordinarily cost-prohibitive, and it presents the problem of storage. These antimicrobial steel coils are not a modest investment, and you’ll want to keep them safe from the elements and out of the wrong hands. Protecting them means using valuable warehouse space for storage, and that’s assuming you have a large enough warehouse to store them at all. Silver Bullet AM antimicrobial protected duct coating helps to reduce the cost and the coil clutter. Because you apply it to the steel yourself, you don’t have to invest in so much to begin with. Consider the big picture and think smaller!

Silver Bullet AM – Your Best Bet For The Best Bid

As an HVAC technician, you know that whether or not you win the bid for a project often simply comes down to price. Even if you and your company have a fantastic reputation, in today’s economy people sometimes can’t afford to hire based on reputation, especially if another company that also performs well comes in at a lower cost. This is not to downplay the importance of a good reputation – without that, you won’t be getting work in any economy. It is meant instead to highlight that you have to cut cost corners wherever you can as cutting corners on quality shouldn’t be considered an option. One way to crunch your numbers without sacrificing top quality is to invest in Silver Bullet AM Antimicrobial Duct Coating. Want to discuss Silver Bullet AM Antimicrobial Duct Coating with an expert at Bio Shield Tech to ensure it’s the right choice for you? Please feel free to call us at 888-489-9226. We’re passionate about the products we carry, and we want you to be as confident you’ve made the best purchase possible as we are.