Hygiena ATP Meters: Complete Monitoring Systems for Rapid Testing and Response

Since ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is an energy-carrying molecule present in all biological matter, testing for the presence of ATP is the quickest, most accurate method to detect contamination that may have been left behind even after sanitization has taken place. This testing procedure allows companies to spot where cleaning protocols have not been sufficient.

Bio Shield Tech recognizes the importance of this testing procedure and is proud to be an authorized distributor for one of the most trustworthy brands of ATP testing equipment on the market—Hygiena. To discuss which products are best for your company, please contact us online.

Benefits of Hygiena ATP Monitoring Systems

These small, lightweight, state of the art devices are easy to use and operate on just two standard AA batteries. They self calibrate for accurate results and can operate in the harshest environments. They’re sealed to protect against moisture and are easy to clean. When you pair them up with SureTrend tracking software by Hygiena, you can track, trend, analyze, archive, and report your results over time, quickly and easily.

EnSURE™ Touch

This top quality, portable, innovative ATP luminometer uses the intuitive navigation and icons that people are used to seeing on their smartphones. Simply designed, it’s quite powerful. Your organization can quickly collect important data and then analyze and report results from multiple tests through its advanced monitoring system. This device has a five inch touch screen, using cloud-based software and wireless sync technology.

Our EnSURE™ Touch test kits include these options:

  • Starter Package: 1 EnSURE Touch meter; 1 case of 100 US2020 UltraSnap Swabs; and 1 swab transport cooler
  • Complete Package: 1 EnSURE Touch meter; 1 case of 100 US2020 UltraSnap Swabs; 1 CalCheck Calibration Control; 1 CK25 Positive Control Kit; and 1 swab transport cooler

SystemSURE Plus™

This is the next generation choice with cutting-edge electronics and enhanced functionality that rapidly provides quantified testing results after just 15 seconds. Measurable results allow your organization to quickly respond with corrective actions that will improve outcomes to protect both your customers and your company’s reputation. This device is affordable with the hand-held set-up that users appreciate.

Our SystemSure Plus™ test kits include these options:

  • Starter Package: 1 SystemSURE Plus meter; 1 case of 100 US2020 UltraSnap Swabs; and 1 swab transport cooler
  • Complete Package:1 EnSURE Touch meter; 1 case of 100 US2020 UltraSnap Swabs; 1 CalCheck Calibration Control; 1 CK25 Positive Control Kit; and 1 swab transport cooler

Choose Bio Shield Tech for Your ATP Monitors and More

Whether you’re looking for ATP monitors or for complete ATP monitoring systems in a kit, we’ve got what you need. Bio Shield Tech is an authorized stocking agent for Hygiena products, including the ATP testing equipment your company needs.

Bio Shield Tech is the experienced choice for all of your ATP testing requirements. Our founder, after years of experience in the healthcare industry, recognized how a gap existed in products that help to reduce destructive bacteria levels in critical care environments. In response, he founded Bio Shield Tech in 2005 to provide companies with the products they need to promote clean, hygienic environments for the benefits of consumers, patients, medical personnel, organizations in relevant industries and more.

For assistance in choosing the right products, please contact us online.

ATP Meter FAQs

What does an ATP meter test for?
These meters test for adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the universal unit of energy that’s found and used in all living cells. ATP is therefore present in organic material, including in residue left behind on surfaces, equipment, and food/drink samples. These meters therefore test for its presence on areas that have been cleaned to ensure that cleaning and sanitizing protocols are sufficient to protect customers and the company alike. ATP monitoring systems work rapidly to provide companies in industries like food and beverage processing so that they can immediately respond to problematic areas and situations.
How does an ATP meter work?
Samples are quickly and easily collected through Hygiena ATP swabs and then the swabs are placed into a luminometer. This meter reads the amount of light that the sample has produced, based upon the proportional amount of ATP in that sample. At a high level, the more bacteria or residue on the surface being tested, the more ATP will exist; and, the more ATP in a sample, the more light that the luminometer will produce.
Why is Bio Shield Tech the right choice for our ATP monitors and more?

Here are three reasons:

  • Expertise: Insights provided by our experienced professionals help teams like yours to understand current antimicrobial technologies and make the right choices for your needs. We’re well versed in the ever-changing industry developments and protocols.
  • Technology: We will only work with the leading manufacturers of testing equipment and more that your organization needs to combat bacteria. This includes Hygiena to help ensure hygienic conditions.
  • Selection: We offer a wide selection of the finest products on the market today, including Hygiena ATP monitoring systems and much more.