Hygiena ATP Indicator Organism Tests for Rapid, Accurate Results

ATP Testing for Salmonella, Enterobacteriaceae, and More

Bio Shield Tech is an authorized stocking distributor for Hygiena testing equipment and products with top quality, highly reliable, economical, cutting-edge tests allowing companies in a wide range of industries to improve cleaning protocols, increase safety levels, and get products to market more quickly, among other benefits. Industries that benefit from these in-house ATP organism tests include food and beverage, beer and wine, fruits and vegetables, environmental cleaning, healthcare and medical, cannabis cultivation, and more.

MicroSnap™ Systems

MicroSnap Total Viable Count

MicroSnap Total

MicroSnap™ Total sheds new light on microbial detection, delivering test results on the same day you collected samples and allowing you to more quickly take corrective actions or to more efficiently release products. At the heart of this test is a novel bioluminogenic reaction. When certain enzymes—those with characteristics of viable bacteria—are present, a light-generating signal is given and quantified with the EnSURE™ luminometer and EnSURE™ Touch luminometer.

MicroSnap Enterobacteriaceae Test


MicroSnap™ EB Test Kit uses a light-generating novel bioluminogenic test reaction to detect Enterobacteriaceae (EB) bacteria and then quantify it with the EnSURE™ luminometer. Depending upon the levels of detection your company requires, this Enterobacteriaceae test may be able to provide same-day results. Examples of test usage include for raw materials before they begin processing; plant environmental monitoring of surfaces and equipment; and finished product testing for quality assurance.

MicroSnap Coliform Test

microsnap coliform

MicroSnap™ Coliform quickly detects and quantifies Coliform bacteria through a novel bioluminogenic test reaction with easy to understand pass/fail results at your required detection levels. Coliform bacteria are found in animal digestive tracts, plant material, and soil. When enzymes indicate the presence of this bacteria, light is generated and then quantified in the EnSURE™ luminometer and EnSure™ Touch luminometer. At some detection levels, results from this bacterial swab test can be provided the same day.

MicroSnap E. Coli Test

MicroSnap E. Coli

MicroSnap™ E. coli can give same day results when testing for the presence and enumeration of this bacteria, depending upon detection-level requirements, through the use of a novel bioluminogenic test reaction. This bacterial swab test will generate light when enzymes associated with E. coli react with specialized substrate with the signal quantified in the EnSURE™ luminometer and EnSURE™ Touch luminometer. This test provides easy to understand pass/fail results for environmental and product testing with no specific sample preparation required.

InSite Listeria – Environmental Listeria Spp. Test

MicroSnap E. Coli

InSite Listeria empowers you to get on-site screening results quickly, in just 24 to 48 hours. This easy to use bacterial swab test allows your company to eliminate frustrating wait times for results provided by outside labs to get ahead of any contamination issues. There is no need for expensive lab equipment. This just involves a quick swab test with no additional sample handling.

Pathogen Testing

Insite Salmonella Environmental Salmonella Test

MicroSnap Total

Hygiena™ InSite Salmonella makes testing for Salmonella quick and easy. This Salmonella test is self contained and simple to interpret. When this species is present, the test sample’s liquid will change from purple hue to bright yellow within 24 to 48 hours of incubation. Plus, using this all-in-one test allows you to eliminate unnecessary work, coming with all the materials you need except for the incubator.

Dry Block Incubators

Digital Dry Block Incubators

Digital Dry Block Incubators

Our Digital Dry Block Incubators are flexible to fit your unique needs, they are available in two different sizes and multiples configurations:

  • The small footprint (6-12 wells) fits in a small space on a countertop and is perfect for users running a low volume of tests as one temperature.
  • The large format (30-70 wells) is ideal for large volume users or users that need to run multiple tests requiring two temperatures.

These dry block incubators are designed specifically for Hygiena’s wide variety of test devices, with the capability of reaching up to 105°C.

Bio Tech Shield for All Your ATP Testing Materials

Our team has the experience, expertise, and insights needed to recommend the best ATP testing materials for your organization’s unique needs. We closely monitor industry protocols and developments as they evolve to ensure that what we’re recommending to you are today’s best choices. We work solely with trusted brands, such as Hygiena, to bring you the latest in technologies that maximize your hygienic work environment.

We carefully package each order using exceptional standards to allow your organization to proceed with confidence.

ATP Organism Testing FAQs

What is an indicator organism?
Indicator organisms are microorganisms that are used to test and assess the overall sanitation of an area, signaling or indicating the potential presence of pathogens. In the food and beverage production industry, indicator organisms are used to monitor the hygienic conditions in the production line, allowing corrective action to be taken if needed.
What are the benefits of ATP testing?
This is a rapid way to assess surface cleanliness by measuring the presence of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the universal energy unit. Most foods and other microbial cells will therefore contain naturally occurring ATP to some degree. If tests show a presence of ATP, this indicates improper cleaning protocols, which means that this surface has the potential to support the growth of unwanted bacteria through cross contamination. Meanwhile, a lack of ATP can confirm effective sanitization and help to ensure the integrity of a company’s product and protect the brand’s reputation.
Many of your ATP tests rely on bioluminescence. How does that process work?
This process is based on a biochemical reaction and contains the following components: luciferase enzyme, which can be synthetically produced or naturally created in fireflies (“lightning bugs”); adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy molecule of all living organisms; oxygen (this serves as a catalyst in the process); and luciferin, which—when attached to an enzyme—undergoes a chemical charge.

Hygiena then shares the following formula: ATP + Luciferin + Luciferase + O2 == == Light output

A two-step decaying process then occurs with measurable light being a byproduct of the reaction.

How should we set pass/fail limits for our bacterial swab tests?
Hygiena’s systems are preset with limits that, in general, can be applicable for facilities. These limits are programmed in after years of ATP testing conducted by companies and supported by scientific research. If your company is new to ATP testing, then these thresholds for bacterial swab tests are typically a good starting point, and you can adjust them, if needed.
What makes Bio Shield Tech the right choice for our company?
There are three key reasons: our expertise, innovation, and selection. After serving manufacturing and healthcare sectors for more than 15 years, we have a keen knowledge of the ever-changing world of hygienic equipment, testing, protocols, and more. We only work with leading manufacturers, such as Hygiena, to bring you the latest in technologies, and our innovative approach is second to none to help you achieve the maximum in sanitization and safety in your work environments.