Bio Shield Tech Hygiena EnSURE Touch ATP Monitoring System Packages


EnSURE Touch instrument is a system to collect, analyze and report data from multiple quality indicators. It functions just like a tablet and is configurable to your needs. It has Wi-Fi connectivity to cloud-based software and responsive 5″ shatter-proof touch screen works even when wearing gloves. The tool has the ability to accurately emulate competitor instruments eliminates the need to re-write SOPs and enables rapid system adoption. The system has a smart battery management features to optimize device settings to maximize battery life. The real-time ATP results and same shift microbial indicator results make EnSURE Touch a helpful troubleshooting system.


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Everything on One Screen

EnSURE Touch's responsive, shatter-proof touchscreen design puts all the functionality and features of ATP Monitoring Systems at your fingertips. In just a few touches you can run a quick test, add and edit users, search though plans, locations, users, check the device's calibration, run a re-test, sync to SureTrend Cloud, change screen and battery settings, connect to Wi-Fi, share your screen, view trend analysis and reports, display results in competitor RLU limits


Multiple Tests in One System

The EnSURE Touch monitoring system is used for multiple quality and food safety tests. You can use the system for ATP hygiene monitoring or have an expanded program that incorporates cooking efficiency, microorganism and allergen prevention tests for environmental monitoring and finished product testing. EnSURE Touch system provides a list of tests including ATP Tests for Surfaces, High Sensitivity ATP/Allergen Prevention, and Water


Better Technology in Smaller Box

EnSURE Touch uses a state-of-the-art Photodiode sensor technology that provides superior sensitivity and stability over bulky Photomultiplier Tube sensors and combines it with a fully-touch screen interface. This tiny sensor allows devices to be smaller, lighter, more durable, and longer-lasting than systems using a large, fragile PMT sensor. While the touch screen interface makes the EnSURE Touch our most intuitive and easiest-to-use device to date


Minimal Size, Maximum Durability

Don't let the petite shape fool you - EnSURE Touch makes no compromises when it comes to durability. The rugged outer shell and shatter-proof touch screen keep EnSURE Touch safe in the harshest environments. For extra protection, every system comes with a complimentary carrying case with a shoulder strap for hands-free transportation to test locations in your facility


Proven performance

Hygiena ATP monitoring systems have been used by foodservice professionals for over 10 years. Not only are they designed to last, but more importantly, to perform better than all other systems on the market

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