Silver Bullet AM™ Clear Acrylic Antimicrobial Aerosol Paint


Silver Bullet AM is an acrylic aerosol Antimicrobial product. It contains a compound to protect against bacteria, mold, mildew and algae. Silver Bullet AM inhibits reproduction, interrupts metabolism and disrupts cell wall functions of many molds, yeasts and bacteria. Silver Bullet AM can be applied to plant equipment, walls, ceilings and other appropriate surfaces to reduce microbiological contamination and propagation. Ideal for manufactured products, touch-up, and sheet metal shop-applied applications.

Silver Bullet AM Aerosol (6 cans per case)


Uses: Use Silver Bullet AM Aerosol ONLY on surfaces you would paint. Ideal for Drain pans and touch ups on HVAC projects.


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We have introduced our new Antimicrobial clear product called Silver Bullet AM™ Clear Acrylic Antimicrobial Aerosol Paint. This product is also water borne with the additive Agion Antimicrobial protection coating system in the formulation. The Silver Bullet AM can also be applied on surfaces for metal corrosion protection. Agion antimicrobial compound is the revolutionary substance behind this technology. An inorganic compound that uses the natural protective qualities of silver (Ag) as an active ingredient to inhibit the growth of microbes. It can be incorporated into fibers, fabrics and molded plastics. Or can be applied as a coating on metals, such as stainless steel. The Agion antimicrobial coating uses the controlled release of silver ions to provide continuous suppression of microbial growth wherever it is applied.

Consumers and businesses alike are looking for answers to growing concerns about bacteria, fungus and mold. Researchers have been working to develop solutions for hospitals, schools, restaurants. Even our homes and manufacturers have been creating products based on their findings. Agion antimicrobial-coated steel is used successfully in a wide variety of applications. Ranging from medical devices to food processing equipment to HVAC products. Bio Shield Tech provides this antimicrobial coating technology to HVAC systems in hospitals, schools and similar settings where bacteria, molds and fungi are a concern.

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