Silver Bullet AM: Agion Antimicrobial Coating for Ductwork and More is proud to offer what we truly feel to be a superior product for HVAC – Silver Bullet AM. We are no stranger to the cutting-edge products that Agion produces, and Silver Bullet AM is no exception. Available in many sizes, with 3 gallon kits being our most popular, this Agion antimicrobial coating is easy to apply, and powerful in its protection. We know that you take as much pride in your work as we do in the products we offer to make that work the best it can be, and we believe that Silver Bullet AM is the best. 

Can Agion Antimicrobial Coating Benefit Me if I’m Working With Pre-Coated Steel?

While many HVAC technicians choose to work exclusively with Silver Bullet AM to treat the steel they’ll be using on the job, we understand that for others pre-coated steel makes more sense as their primary choice. However, even if you have chosen to work with pre-coated steel, having some Silver Bullet AM on hand as well may save you time and hassle if you realize that you need more than you planned for, or simply need to treat a few pieces. We don’t have to tell you that projects rarely go off without a hitch or precisely as planned! It’s seemingly inevitable that some snags will be met along the way that require revisions be made. Time is money, and you may not be able to wait a day or longer for materials to arrive. Keeping Agion antimicrobial coating in your tool kit helps ensure that you’re prepared for times like these. Whether you’re using it as a shop applied antimicrobial coating for one piece of steel, or for treating an entire HVAC system, it brings at-your-fingertips protection that is ready to apply!

Is Agion Antimicrobial Coating Useful Beyond The HVAC Industry?

Absolutely! While Silver Bullet AM is a popular product for HVAC technicians, the benefits of its protection extend well beyond HVAC. Agion antimicrobial coating is a strong antimicrobial ally in the medical and food service industries, where properly protected surfaces are non negotiable. Silver Bullet AM is not simply a coating containing bactericides; it is an antimicrobial coating that continues to bring long term protection against bacteria, fungi, mold, mildew and algae. Using the natural protective power of silver, Agion antimicrobial coating releases silver ions in a controlled manner that brings continued suppression of microbial growth on treated surfaces. From HVAC systems to exam tables and dining tables, Agion is your partner in the battle against bacteria and other potentially-dangerous contaminants.

Want to learn more about Agion antimicrobial coating? While our site offers a great deal of information about Silver Bullet AM, if you have any questions at all please call us at 888-489-9226. We consider it our duty to not only sell what we believe are the best products available in their class, but to also learn as much about them as possible so we can better serve our customers. We’d be happy to share our insight into Agion antimicrobial coating or any product on our site with you!